Although we did not wait for the Covid-19 pandemic to comply with basic hygiene rules, recent events have made us redefine the notion of "cleanliness" within our establishment.

Also, and to ensure both the well-being of our guests and health security, here are our 6 golden rules now in force in our House :

1. Ventilation

A minimum ventilation of two hours will be made between each rental.

2. Respect for barrier gestures during cleaning

Today, and by dint of having heard it repeated over and over, you know what these gestures cover: masks, gels, and gloves, the victorious triptych against the spread of the virus that has so suddenly burst into our lives.
We strictly adhere to the directives issued by the government.

3. Use of a good disinfectant

We use products in accordance with the standards issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.
That is, they not only kill germs, bacteria and viruses, but they respect the integrity of nature, not emitting toxic substances.

4. Items cleaned and disinfected

Here is the exhaustive list of carefully disinfected items:
• Door handles
• Switches
• Tables
• Lamps
• Window sills and handles
• Keys
• Hair dryer
• Garbage cans and recycling bins
• Washbasins
• Bathroom
• Showers and bathtubs
• Hangers
• Night tables

5. Washing of fabrics at very high temperature

All our fabrics (sheets, towels, ...) are washed at the necessary temperature (70 ° minimum).

6. Collection of non-essential documents and items

Exceptionally, we will remove all non-essential documents and items.